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    Meet pump2baby bottle.

    Bond with baby. Save time. Provide fresh milk.

  • pump directly to baby

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    Bond while Pumping

    Easily Feed Twins

    Pump During Travel

  • testimonials

    From real moms who beta-tested our prototype

    Oh my goodness Juan, I LOVE THIS! I have never enjoyed pumping, I never felt a bond so strong with my baby while feeding him. This goes beyond facilitating the feeding process. This goes deeper. My son Enjoyed it! I enjoyed it, I can't wait for our next feeding. Thank you for your pure brilliance!

    - Emily, Acworth GA

    I absolutely love this product! It's a must for all pumping mothers. This makes traveling so much easier. I never have to worry about packing enough milk or worry about trying to keep it cold. It saves so much time!! I don't have to pump then feed I can do it all in one easy step! One of my favorite things was when we were in the car unable to pull over I just sat there and pumped and fed my baby! I keep this in my diaper bag at all times! Will be buying another so I'm never without!! This will be a gift I buy for all expecting mothers! Thanks for such a great product!! ♡♡

    - Heather, Middlebury IN

    Thank you so much!!! It's fantastic.

    - Aimee, Honeybrook PA

    It is going to be a life changing invention! I loved it.

    - Mariah, allentown PA

    My son was a bit curious at first but as soon as he saw the nipple he instantly latched on. It was very helpful.

    - Shawnadeen, Pinon AZ

    GREAT idea. Instead of having to pull over or worry whether you've pumped enough bottles for your trip you can just carry along your travel pump sit in the back seat and just place that in their mouth, Very very convenient.

    - Haley, Gainesville GA

    The product is amazing! We are almost back from a super long, meet the whole family, road trip with our 5 month old and we have used this a lot on this trip! I can pump right to him in his car seat so we don’t have to stop as often!

    - Alexandra, Nevada City, CA

    Hi Dr. Hornbostel- I just read the article about you in the Pittsburgh Gazette. I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for inventing such an amazing product! I had my son 3 years ago and had horrible latch issues and was pumping and didn’t feel I could connect with him when pumping. This is amazing! I am pregnant now and am totally buying one. Just wanted to say Kudos!

    - Diane, Pittsburgh PA

  • benefits

    Save Time

    Pump2Baby Bottle allows you to pump and feed at the same time. If you exclusively pump for 6 months, that's a total of 180 hours saved, some of which could totally be used for sleeping!

    Fresh Milk

    Pump2Baby Bottle allows you to give your baby freshly pumped milk instead of frozen milk, in which precious nutrients are lost.

    Enhance Bonding

    Pump2Baby Bottle helps exclusively pumping moms to closely mimic the nursing experience and enhance bonding with baby during feeding.

    Travel Friendly

    Pump2Baby Bottle is especially convenient for pumping moms on the go - you don't have to worry about pumping enough milk before the trip or stopping in the middle of your trip to feed your baby.

    Supports Pace Feeding

    For pace feeding to avoid overfeeding, simply take the nipple out of your baby's mouth after every 15-20 swallows.


    Pump2Baby Bottle is designed to maintain ambient atmospheric pressure to prevent air from entering baby's mouth. Before feeding, please ensure you've pumped some milk into the bottle first and stop feeding once there is no milk left in the bottle.

    Save left-over Milk

    Our unique one-way valve design ensures that any left-over breast milk is not spoiled - we need to save every drop of the liquid gold!

    BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe

  • 3-in-1 bottle

    * Caps not included - please purchase separately on Amazon.

    Pump2Baby Bottle

    Regular Bottle

    Storage Bottle

  • FAQ

    How to use the bottle?

    1. Place your baby in the right position and make sure his/her head is tilted with a pillow or your arm.

    2. Connect the Pump2Baby to a Medela breast pump (all models are compatible) and start hands-free pumping with a pumping bra. This would help you attend to your baby while pumping.

    3. Once you have some milk in the bottle, start feeding your baby with the nipple.

    Does my baby suck milk directly out of my breast using the bottle?

    No. You still use a breast pump to pump milk out while the Pump2Baby Bottle collects the milk. Your baby doesn't need to suck as hard as nursing because milk naturally flows downward. However, there is a valve on the nipple to ensure your baby paces his/her own feeding.

    What nipples are compatible?

    The Pump2Baby Bottle is compatible with all Dr. Brown nipples and other similar sized nipples. It is not compatible with wide-neck nipples yet but we are working on it.

    What pumps are compatible?

    The Pump2Baby Bottle is directly compatible with all Medela pumps. However, you can purchase Maymom Baby Bottle Thread Changer to use it with Spectra pumps.

    Would I know how much milk my baby had?

    No. The Pump2Baby Bottle mimics nursing and like nursing, you don't know how much milk your baby had. However, having your baby around will stimulate milk letdown and make pumping more effective.

    Would my baby suck air in using the bottle?

    No. The Pump2Baby Bottle maintains atmospheric pressure during pumping therefore milk always go downwards and your baby would not suck air in.

    Can I adjust tubing length?

    Yes. You can cut the tubing to any desired length based on your most comfortable position.

    What if my baby eats faster than I could pump?

    We suggest you buy 2 Pump2Baby Bottles and pump with them on both sides so that you can switch nipples when baby catches up on one side. Alternatively, you can try to combine milk mid-pump by pouring milk from the other side to the side with the Pump2Baby Bottle. Please ensure there is always enough milk for baby in the Pump2Baby Bottle to avoid baby taking in air.

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