• Hate cold flanges?

    Meet LacTeck Flange Warmer.

    ideal for power pumping

    Warms up to 120F and lasts 30-60 min.

    Viewing window for centering.


    Air-activated. Disposable. Self-adhesive. Light.

    warmth of nursing

    While pumping.

  • testimonials

    Yes I loved it! I used it Monday and I actually produced 14 oz in that one session - it was perfect!

    Jacqueline, Indianapolis, IN

    I used it on my slacker boob. At first I thought there’s no way this will do anything. But it actually did! I had my normal amount of 4oz by 10 mins by the end of my pumping of 30 mins I had an extra ounce! 5 total! What also was nice was when I was done pumping it was still warm and I could use it as a hot pack and place it on a spot that is sometimes sore!

    Renee, Nevada, MO

    I got more let Downs and the heating of pads was just right. It was amazing and I got 3oz extra total. I will definitely buy some when you have them on the market. The heat helps so much.

    Melissa, Stetsonville, WI

    I usually keep my flange in the fridge, in between pumping sessions, and wash once a day. The flange usually feels really cold, which sometimes actually feels really nice especially with how warm it has been here in the bay area. For the most part, especially when pumping at night time, the cold flange feels jarring. With the warmer, I noticed the flange definitely felt more comfortable, and I had slightly more milk produced! Hooray! Also, i usually have a mildly painful let down, and with the warmer, it was less painful! Double hooray! Overall, definitely a good experience for me!!

    Dina, Mountain View, CA

    I found them easy to open, place on flange and super convenient. I didn't have to microwave this to warm it and they're quite small so would travel well in a pump bag! The heat was just right! It warmed up quickly and the heat felt so nice and relaxing. I was able easily remove them, place them back inside then bag they came in after use (to dispose of them). I really like the convenience of being able to take one and go (portable). This is a great idea!

    Jennifer, Mesa, AZ

    The warmth just made pumping a little more comfortable. I could totally see myself using them at home.

    Carrie, Belleville, MI

    Now I really like how they smell which sounds silly but I was worried they could give off a gross smell once the heat kicked in but they didn't. I really liked how warm they got and how quickly they got to temperature. I have these breast warmers that go around the part at the breast but because they are reusable they are so thick that they don't fit under my pumping bra and they don't last very long, the one you sent me is nice and thin so it didn't take up much space. The heat on the one you sent me lasted a crazy long time. It lasted the entire pumping session and I pumped for a solid hour. Overall, I liked this product and thank you so much for letting me try this!

    Sara, Forney, TX

  • how to use

    Step 1

    Open package, ideally 20 minutes before your pumping session so that it can warm up more.

    Step 2

    Once you are ready to pump, peel off one side of the double-sided tape and place on heat pad.

    Step 3

    Wrap flange warmer around flange and peel off the other side of the double-sided tape to secure it around the flange. Position the window on the warmer close to the flange bottom to allow viewing.

    Step 4

    Start pumping comfortably with warmth.