• Exhausted during mid-night pumping?

    Pump while laying down

    need to pump while driving?

    Meet SleepyMommy Adapter.

    Easy to set up

    easy to clean

    get your sleep/time back

    That's over 180 hours. Not bad.

  • testimonials

    First off this is a game changer for me! When I pump during the night I am always sitting up on the end of my bed nodding off and by the time my pumping session is over my back is killing me from not sitting up straight. I love that you can lie down and be comfortable and pump. I used a kleenex box to put my bottles into so that they would not fall over and that worked well for me. One pumping session I put the kleenex box on my bed the other I just left on my nightstand. Both worked well. Breaking suction was easy and it just slurped up all the left over breast milk in the tubing right away into the bottle. After using I just stuck the tubing and the flanges into a plastic freezer bag and put into the fridge to use again when I woke up. It was very easy to put together and it was easy to clean also. I enjoyed being able to test this out and would highly recommend it to others. And thanks again for letting me review it. It allowed me to get more sleep which was awesome!

    Andrea, Reedley, CA

    I love the idea and convenience they bring. It was a little awkward at first but once I got used to it, it was fine. The suction was stronger. And I felt like I got 1 to 2 ozs more so that was a plus. The babymotion window is working like it should. It made kind of a squeaky noise at first and took some adjusting to quiet. But overall turned out really good. I slept during the session with no problem. I love them and would recommend to others.

    Sandra, Blue Springs, MO

    I love it! I can finally get an extra 30 minutes of sleep of sleep at night (spectra turns off after 30 minutes) and little one doesn’t wake up for another 4 hours! It’s an amazing idea that I thank you so much for creating this wonderful gadget

    Alexis, Russellville, AR

    Sooooo the suction is great if not better than being hooked to regular flanges etc. I had like 5 let downs in 25 minutes. Once finished pumping I had milk still in flange and tubing thinking how will I get the excess milk into the bottle. But once you unlatch the milk sucks right into the bottle! AMAZING AMAZING. I would actually use this more than just for sleep bc the suction is amazing.

    Shantae, Commerce, GA

    Lying down in the middle of the night is a huge plus! I was surprised to find that the suction didn't seem to be lessened with the adapters. I use my spectra at a fairly high suction & none seemed to be lost. I have been putting my bottles in a small box on my bed near my head & my pump is on my nightstand. I have a spectra that turns off after 30 min & am happy to say I am now comfortable enough to fall asleep pumping! I use it every night & it has been life changing!

    Stacy, Waterford, WI

    I have tried it with my regular plastic Medela flanges a few times, so far so good! NO leakage. The plastic flange does not dig into my breast but I find that I can’t really lay down flat, I have to prop myself up a bit. My output seems to be the same if not just a little bit more like maybe 1/2 oz more.

    Michelle, San Antonio, TX

    It is working out well and I have been using it for my evening pumping sessions and can now just lie on the couch and watch TV while pumping which is nice! I use the SleepyMommy adapter in the evenings and my evening pump sessions yield around 4-5.5 total oz. per session. It also worked fine with the plastic flanges, no issues at all! It didn't leak or dig in. I use a hands free Medela bra and it is a pretty snug fit and kept the flanges sealed well. I think it is a great product and I would definitely recommend it to other Moms! It is so nice to be able to lay down and relax while pumping. There was a learning curve with it but once you get the hang of it it is simple to use.

    Johanna, Olmsted Falls, OH

    I've tried the new SleepMommy adapters and love them! Overall, the Medela flanges worked just fine. I found that the seal between the flange and breast would break easier than when I used the Baby Motion flanges. I found the included syringe worked extremely well for cleaning the tubing. I was able to force hot, soapy water through and hang the tubing to dry without any issues.

    Karolyn, Tomahawk, WI

    Success! When I put it all together I confess I was a little skeptical, but it totally worked! It was very comfortable to lie down on my side like that, I’m a side sleeper anyway. For pumping and napping it’s an instant game changer.

    Carrie, San Francisco, CA

  • how to use

    Step 1

    Use a twisting motion to push the BabyMotion Flange into the large adapter as much as possible.

    Step 2

    Push the small adapter into the the breast pump connector firmly.

    Step 3

    Use the silicone tubing to connect both adapters and ensure that all connections are tight.

    Step 4

    Attach a milk bottle to the breast pump connector and place the milk bottle inside a Kleenex box or lunch box to avoid falling.

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