CLEARANCE 2nd Gen BabyMotion Flange 27mm - One Pair
Limited quantities available.

BabyMotion Flange transforms pumping into nursing by mimicking a baby's suckling motions during breastfeeding. It stimulates nipple and areola during pumping, increases pumping efficiency, is soft and comfortable.

Additional Information:
- BPA free
- Food Grade
- One piece design (no flange insert) allows you to wash less parts

Compatible with all Medela pumps. Could also be used with Spectra and Baby Buddha with additional adaptors. Please see FAQ section on the BabyMotion Page for instructions.

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Coming soon
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Customer Review: ★★★★★
"I have to say, I've been using the LacTeck BabyMotion Flanges for about a week now and holy cow, what a difference in comfort and efficiency. My sessions are shorter and so much easier on the girls."  -Abigail
"The baby motion flange is amazing! I get more milk out (2.5 Oz for one session) in less time. I even use it with a manual pump and I'm able to squish it around to mimic a baby sucking! I love that I can fold it back and line it up perfect every time. I highly recommend to everyone!!" -Heather
"So I've been using these flanges exclusively for about 4 weeks now. Ladies, these are amazing. I didn't have time to wash them yesterday and had to use my spectra flanges.. I average about 16oz per pump with the silicone flanges and I got less than 12 oz with my spectra. I'm at 18 oz this morning and still going so I'm pretty sure my spectra flanges did not empty me well at all. I'm a believer!! Totally worth trying!" -Katie
"After using the flanges for two weeks, I would highly recommend them to any pumping mother. The BabyMotion Flanges cause minimal discomfort while pumping (much less than the rigid plastic flanges) and leave no pain after pumping, which is impressive since I am now turning up the pump to a much higher suction level than I used to when I only used the plastic flanges. On average, I am pumping 0.75-1 oz more per day with these flanges. Some days the difference is as big as 2-3oz. Since the material is heavy, make sure to detach the flanges once you're finished pumping so that the milk-filled bottle doesn't tip over." -Jessica
"I love the BabyMotion flanges!! My nipples do not hurt after pumping with the BabyMotion flanges like they did with regular hard flanges. I like the soft, comfortable silicone." -Aimee
"Significantly reduces my pumping time, and is much more comfortable than traditional flanges." -Kristine
"This was the second set I purchased (to have one at home and one at work) and I just love the flexible flanges. They mimic a baby’s sick reflex so much better than the hard flanges. The auction stays well during movement and adjustment. I highly recommend the flanges!" -Jamie
"Comfortable, seems to get my clogs out easier." -Jacqueline
"Works great! Definitely unlike any flanges I’ve ever used- which is a good thing! Love them!" -Sarah
"I love my BabyMotion flanges!! I wish I had these for the first 7 months that I was breastfeeding, but better late than never! Not only am I able to pump more, but I can pump more in less time than before!! And they are so much more comfortable than traditional flanges! I have already recommended them to my pregnant sister and my best friend." -Sheila
"I've noticed i empty better since using the lactek flanges, they are more comfortable than the hard plastic ones." -Heather 
"They are amazing, and have made my pumping far less painful." -Cera
"I love that for the first time in my exclusive pumping journey - I no longer have pain. These flanges literally changed the way I feel about pumping." -Christina
"I absolutely LOVE my LacTeck flanges, the soft silicone and compression window are major game changers. I've already recommended them to fellow pumping mamas. I don't think I would still be producing milk if it weren't for LacTeck. Keep up the amazing work!" -Kristin
★ MIMICS BABY’S SUCKLING MOTIONS - The BabyMotion Flange is developed based on biomechanics studies of nursing babies. Its unique compression window deflects during pumping and compresses the mother’s nipple and areola regions to mimic the baby’s tongue movement during nursing. 
★ STIMULATE LETDOWN – The BabyMotion Flange gives pumping moms the sensation of nipple and areola compression, which stimulates the natural letdown reflux and helps increase pumping efficiency. 
★ SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – The BabyMotion Flange is made of soft BPA-free material that is comfortable on a lactating breast, a very sensitive part of the female body. It feels so much better than a hard plastic flange that just pulls on the nipple and leave pumping moms feeling like dairy cows. We strive to improve the pumping experience because we know what it feels like.  
★ BETTER SEAL – The BabyMotion Flange creates a better seal around the breast because it’s soft and moves with slight breast deflection due to milk expression. It eliminates the need to adjust your flange in the middle of a pumping session. 
★ PROTECTED PRIVACY – Throw the worry of getting walked in on out of the window. With semi-transparent design of the BabyMotion Flange, you can pump at ease because even if someone, either a family member or a co-worker, walks in, they won’t be able see your breasts. However, the compression window is still transparent enough to allow you to easily center the flange on your breast. 
★ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR PUMPS – Directly compatible with all Medela, Lansinoh, and Hygeia breast pumps. It could be used with Spectra Pumps by using a Medela connector and a Spectra adaptor. It can also be used with Baby Buddha pumps by using a Medela connector and a long-stem back-flow protector.  
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