3rd Gen BabyMotion Flange - One pair
  • 3rd Gen BabyMotion Flange - One pair
  • 3rd Gen BabyMotion Flange - One pair
  • 3rd Gen BabyMotion Flange - One pair

3rd Gen BabyMotion Flange - One pair


BabyMotion Flange transforms pumping into nursing by mimicking a baby's suckling motions. It stimulates nipple and areola, increases pumping efficiency, is soft and comfortable. Compatible with all Medela, Lansinoh, and Hygia pumps. Please see FAQ section on the BabyMotion Page for using with other pumps.

BPA free. Food Grade. Includes one pair.
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Customer Review: ★★★★★

"I used the flange during my middle of the night pump and have some feedback! I do like that it is much easier to align the flange so that my nipple is centered whereas on the older one it is much harder to see where I am placing it and that can be challenging doing that in the middle of the night. I do appreciate the foggy-ness of the previous versions and I think it is great for privacy but I prefer the more clear option around the nipple opening. The new flange does seem lighter and a bit thinner which I appreciate because I can fold the flap of the flange back for better alignment as well. I have noticed getting about 1/2 ounce more from my “slacker” side! Overall I really like these flanges. A few slight changes from the older ones but I think they’re good improvements."  - Skyler

"I immediately noticed the clear part of the new flange design and the little notch is a lot bigger than the 2nd gen. I have a slow let down and I immediately noticed it emptied me more efficiently than the second gen. Normally I hand express after every pumping session and I always get maybe a quarter ounce more (with 2nd gen) but with the 3rd generation I noticed I hardly got any extra milk after my pumping sessions So all good things, thank you so much for all your guy's hard work" - Noemi

"I love it. I like it better cuz I can see thru it and see my milk." - Natosha

" I honestly like this one so much better!! I got more milk using this flange instead of my 2nd gen." - Cheyenne

"I love that the tunnel is clear, this really helps with placement, in turn helping with comfort. I also like that the clear part provides enough grip to keep my nipple in place which prevents the leakage issue I was having with the 2nd gen ones.I am almost 7 months postpartum and I have been pumping since my daughter was 4 months old. I use a Spectra S1 with my Lansinoh pump part, and XS pumpin pals. I usually get around 44 to 48 oz per day, pumping about 4 to 5 times a day, I am regulated. I tried out the flange on my left breast which at this time of day gives me just a little bit less than my right. It had been 3 hours since my last pump, so I expected about 3 oz from each, usually the left gives 2.75 and the right gives 3.25. After 20 mins my left, with the lacTeck gave just a little under 3 and my right gave me right at 3. The lacTeck was more comfortable to use, the XS pumpin pals have been making me a little tender lately. The 21mm is still just ever a little big for me, I really wish they did come in a 18mm, but I understand 21 and 24 would the most popular sizes to manufacture. I am definitely impressed with the increased comfort. I'm looking forward to seeing how they go in the morning. I noticed that the diaphragm was expanding more on the side I used the lacTeck, which meant that there was more suction/stimulation." - Jamie

" I LOVE the see through design. It makes using it a lot easier. As always these are the most comfortable flanges I have ever used. I wish I had them with my first child." - Erica

" Hands down this is the most comfortable flange I have tried.  The suction just feels natural and its almost like it encompasses the entire breast.  I didn't have any issues with the milk dribbling out and falling onto my bra or stomach, which I do with my hard plastic Spectra flanges.  It is difficult to tell but I believe I got slightly more milk when using this one on whatever side I pumped with (very difficult to tell with just one flange, however).  The difference wasn't dramatic, but I seemed to get 10-30 ml more per side.  Again, not entirely sure as my slacker side switches around." - Cristina

"I tried the new flange and loved it. It was just as comfortable as the original flange but easier to use for sure. I was able to adjust the flange placement much more easily when pumping because it was clear. As far as efficiency, I was able to pump 5 oz on one side in under 8 minutes. It definitely works well. The suction felt more efficient and similar to that of a baby compared to a normal plastic flange. I would absolutely recommend this to any pumping mom or combo mom who is pumping and nursing. I love these flanges." - Jocelyn



★ MIMICS BABY’S SUCKLING MOTIONS - The BabyMotion Flange is developed based on biomechanics studies of nursing babies. Its unique compression window deflects during pumping and compresses the mother’s nipple and areola regions to mimic the baby’s tongue movement during nursing. 

★ STIMULATE LETDOWN – The BabyMotion Flange gives pumping moms the sensation of nipple and areola compression, which stimulates the natural letdown reflux and helps increase pumping efficiency. 

★ SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – The BabyMotion Flange is made of soft BPA-free material that is comfortable on a lactating breast, a very sensitive part of the female body. It feels so much better than a hard plastic flange that just pulls on the nipple and leave pumping moms feeling like dairy cows. We strive to improve the pumping experience because we know what it feels like.  

★ BETTER SEAL – The BabyMotion Flange creates a better seal around the breast because it’s soft and moves with slight breast deflection due to milk expression. It eliminates the need to adjust your flange in the middle of a pumping session. 

★ PROTECTED PRIVACY – Throw the worry of getting walked in on out of the window. With semi-transparent design of the BabyMotion Flange, you can pump at ease because even if someone, either a family member or a co-worker, walks in, they won’t be able see your breasts. However, the compression window is still transparent enough to allow you to easily center the flange on your breast. 

★ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR PUMPS – Directly compatible with all Medela, Lansinoh, and Hygeia breast pumps. It could be used with Spectra Pumps by using a Medela connector and a Spectra adaptor. It can also be used with Baby Buddha pumps by using a Medela connector and a long-stem back-flow protector.  

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