• Have elastic nipples?

    Meet SuckleThrough Nipple Shield.

    free milk flow

    Open top allows milk to flow freely from breast to baby.

    Protect from a bad latch

    Bottom covers mother's nipple base for protection.

    Wean from traditional nipple shields

    Mimics direct nursing better.

  • testimonials

    I’ve been using LacTecks nipple shield for just over 24 hours & for 8-9 feedings & let me just say— WE LOVE IT. I’ve noticed even in 24 hours a boost in my supply (via pumping with LacTeck BabyMotion Flanges & pump schedule hasn’t changed one bit) & I greatly attribute this to the fact that my nipple is exposed to baby’s saliva & actual suck! I have very elastic nipples & this shield has been AMAZING. My baby gets the best feed I feel he’s ever gotten. I will say, due to my elastic nipples my nipple does stretch out through the nipple shield, but seems to be a total win for us! I’ve tried every well known shield on the market (Medela, lansinoh, nuby, haakaa) & this has been the most comfortable, easy & productive shield for us even in just about 32 hours of use! I LOVE the concept & design.

    - Alysha, South Millsboro, DE

    I've been using the shield and it does pull my nipple out. At first my son struggled since it something new, definitely took him a minute to breastfeed. After that it was like I had nothing on, felt so natural. Other nipple shield are uncomfortable to me and this is super comfortable. My son only struggled that one time and after that was like I had no shield on.

    - Angelica, Las Vegas, NV

    It does take a little bit for my son to latch but once he is latched, the shields really do help! They are far less painful than nursing without them. It does stay on as soon as he is latched! When I first put it on, not all of the edges stay put but I just hold it on before he latches on and that works!

    - Cat, Fredericksburg, VA

    My daughter, just shy of 6 months (preemie) didn’t gag one time! She was finally able to get a good latch and fully nurse (both sides) before falling fast asleep. You guys knocked this one out of the park! My nipples did extend out slightly but I’ve never used shields before this testing so I wasn’t sure if that was normal or not but she did great so I really have no complaints! I had no trouble keeping it on and my daughter was finally able to fully empty both sides so this was great! I would definitely recommend.

    - Brittany, Waterford, MI

    We have tried it and my son he did really well with it. I like the softness of it, and he seemed to latch really well, with my nipple out some!!

    - Jessica, Claymont, DE

    I used the shield for my newborn who had issues with latching. The shield is open on the front area so the baby is receiving more of the nipple. The rest of the shield is designed similar to other shields. The shield fit perfectly to my small nipples (size 17 mm for reference). I love that the material of the shield is “sticky” so I’m not having to struggle with keeping it on. With the traditional shields I always struggled with keeping the shield on or the baby pulling it during or before feeds. This shield has helped us feed and get us to the point where we are no longer using shield. I would love for other moms to know that this is the perfect alternative to the traditional shield and hopefully will make their journey a lot smoother.

    - Jessica, Milford OH

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