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Please check our sizing guide before ordering the BabyMotion Flange.

Meet SleepyMommy Adapter.


Step 1

Use a twisting motion to push the BabyMotion Flange into the large adapter as much as possible.

Step 2

Push the small adapter into the the breast pump connector firmly.

Step 3

Use the silicone tubing to connect both adapters and ensure that all connections are tight.

Step 4

Attach a milk bottle to the breast pump connector and place the milk bottle inside a Kleenex box or lunch box to avoid falling.


How does the SleepyMommy Adapter work?

The SleepyMommy Adapters contain one small adapter that attaches to the flange connector and one large adapter that attaches to the flange. There is a thin tubing connecting the small and the large adapters. This setup separates the flange from the flange connector and milk collecting bottles so that the bottles are no longer dangling in front of your body, thus allowing you to pump while laying down.

Which flanges and pumps are the SleepyMommy Adapter compatible with?

The SleepyMommy Adapter is directly compatible with Medela, Lansinoh, Hygeia pumps and their regular two-piece plastic flanges. However, we recommend using LacTeck BabyMotion Flanges for optimal results because soft flanges offer more comfort and better seal, which prevent leaking when you lie down on your side.

How to use the SleepyMommy Adapter with Spectra?

Because Spectra flange is a one-piece design, we need to change it to a two-piece design first so that the flange can be separated from the connector&milk bottle, which is the purpose of the SleepyMommy Adapter. In order to do that, you would need below:

It's a lot of new parts to buy in order to hack the Spectra, which is a popular pump, but unfortunately we don't have a better solution for now.

My milk backs up in the flange when I pump laying down, is that normal?

Yes. Due to the angle when you lay down on your side, it is completely normal that your milk backs up until it reaches the opening of the SleepyMommy Adapter and gets sucked inside the bottle. However, please ensure that your pumping bra is tight enough to secure the flange and any milk inside to prevent any spill. When you finish pumping, break the seal of the flanges first with the pump still on so that any milk remaining inside the flanges is sucked into the bottles .

Do the adapters affect suction?

Generally not. The adapters just transfer the vacuum of the pump and does not affect the suction levels of the pump. You may feel a different sensation when the tubing and flange are full of milk but it doesn't affect final output. If you have strong/fast letdown and experience some milk pooling inside the flange, we suggest keeping the pump on while carefully break the seal between your flange and your breast by a little bit so that the excessive milk gets sucked into the bottle. Then reseal the flange on your breast.

How to wash the tubing?

First wash the tubing by filling a baby medicine syringe (not included) with warm soapy water and push into the tubing. Then rinse the tubing by filling the syringe with regular water and push into the tubing. Dry the tubing by holding one end and swirl the tubing to get the remaining water out. Hang on a rack to dry. To sterilize, boil the tubing in water for 2 minutes.

How often should I replace the tubing?

We recommend replacing the tubing once every month. If your tubing begins to slip off the adapters over time due to extended use, you can cut the ends off. Replacement tubings are available on our website. The replacement tubing is longer and we suggest cutting it to the shortest desirable length.

How to avoid falling asleep while laying down and pumping for too long?

We recommend setting an alarm if you plan to fall asleep while pumping because pumping for more than 30 minutes per session could cause damage to your breasts.


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